Simply Organized.

Quickly resolve issues & task with an easy to use solution. Built with one goal in mind, to keep work loads organized and simple.

What is it?

Trudesk is a multipurpose help desk solution.
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At trudesk's core is tickets. Real time tickets, keeps everyone up-to-date on the information they need.


Visually see history ticketing information and group breakdowns quickly and easily.


Separate support users; allowing them to support certain groups.

Cross platform

Designed as an universal webapp; trudesk works on any device from anywhere. Native iOS & Android apps are coming soon.


Prevent multiple tickets with the same issue. Quickly notify users the issue is already known.

Audit trail

Every action is logged and stored inside each ticket. Preventing anyone from manipulating data.

The features


Built in private messaging and chat. Users can get response messages instantly.


Stay up to speed on your entire workflow with just a glance.

Real time updates

Notifications are sent in real time without ever hitting the refresh button.



Well documented API makes it easy to create thrid party apps and plugins.

Mail Check

Tickets can be submitted via email. Trudesk will check the mailbox and convert the message to a ticket.


Built with sass, its very simple to change color scheme and branding.

Simple & Clean

It should never be hard to find what you're looking for. From the design to the development, trudesk makes find and updating task and issues a breeze. It's striaght forward layout is to blame; all important information is set front and center.

  • Reporting

    Easier and quickly see where the majority of your work is being spent, and what to do to help resolve this.

  • Visual Graphs

    No need to burn your eyes fishing through a spreadsheet to crunch data. Trudesk can manage the numbers for you and display in an eye pleasing way.

  • Colors

    We all respond to colors faster than text. At a glance get the status of tickets to quickly determine what needs attention.

Become a beta tester!

Opt in to join the Trudesk beta program. Your feedback is important to the success of the project. Provide your email below to test Trudesk iOS, Android, and core features.

Ready to give trudesk a try?

Download trudesk server from github or read up on the docs. Trudesk is built with Node.JS and MongoDB. Please refer to the documentation on both Node.JS and MongoDB to run the server.